New Technology For Tractors

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New Technology For Tractors

21 December 2015
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When you think about technology, thoughts of smartphones and GPS units usually come to mind. But for farmers, there are also lots of new developments in the technological world that can make operating a tractor easier and more efficient. Just like new vehicles that come with all kinds of bells and whistles, these new modern marvels have made the art of farming easier than ever before.

Special GPS Units

The standard GPS unit uses a satellite to help pin down your location and guide you where you need to go. With GPS units on tractors, they offer other features that are made with the farmer in mind. These units attach to the tractor's console and can provide accurate field mapping so they can see which areas have been plowed and which still need attention. These units can also do much more than determine locations and perform mapping. Tractor GPS units can work in sync with the tractor to determine the soil's nutrient levels and the water levels of the field below. This can help save farmers time and money by conserving water and getting a better handle on their crop's health. Special sensors built into the unit can take readings of the ground underneath and produce digital readings back to the farmer.

Self Driving Tractors

Many people are familiar with the new self-driving cars, but there are also some models of tractors that can do the very same thing. These new tractors can precisely determine within inches how much the machine has driven and can stop the engine on a dime when needed. The tractors know when the field has been plowed and can map its own route. By doing this, the tractor is helping save the farmer on fuel costs as well as seed. These self-driving tractors know where seeds have already been deposited, which minimizes the possibility of doubling up on trips and seed disbursement.

Two Tractor Control

For farmers looking to get the most out of their tractor, there are now models that allow one driver to simultaneously control two different tractors at the same time. This can save on labor costs, since there only needs to be one person driving, and it can also double the amount of work that gets done in half the time. The tractor has a built in computer system that can be remotely controlled by the driver, so they can instruct the other machine on where to go and what needs to be done, all with the push of a button. While someone must be there to operate the remote controlled tractor while it's in use, it is a great way to get more farming done with less manpower and time.

Thanks to modern technology, farming has now approached a whole new level of efficiency and has given farmers more control over their land than ever before. For more information and option of new tractors, talk with farming supply stores, such as Chenango Supply Co Inc.

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