Utilizing Commercial LED Grow Lights For Your Building

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Utilizing Commercial LED Grow Lights For Your Building

26 October 2021
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Many commercial agricultural businesses have made the migration to move into indoor growing facilities. These facilities can provide the exact conditions that the crop needs to be controlled. In particular, the lighting conditions will need to be controlled, and there are some strategies that can help your business to operate an efficient grow house.

Reduce Costs For Your Commercial Grow With LED Lights

LED commercial growing lights can be an extremely effective solution for providing the crops with enough light while also being extremely affordable to operate. A LED system will require a fraction of the amount of power that older style grow lights would need. The lighting costs for a crop can be one of the biggest expenses for a commercial operation. The use of LED can drastically lower the price so that the total cost of the growth can be reduced. As an added benefit, these lighting systems can also have a much longer lifespan, which is important for grow lights as they will need to be kept on for many hours each day for the duration of the crop's growth cycle.

Choosing A Commercial Lighting System That Is Highly Adjustable

The intensity of the light that your crop needs will change over the course of time. Having a growing light system that is highly adjustable will be necessary for ensuring that the needs of the crop are being met throughout its growth cycle. These adjustments can include the distance of the light from the plants, but this is not the only factor. You may also want to be able to adjust the temperature and color of the light as some plants may benefit from different types of lighting conditions as they near harvest. Some LED growing light systems will allow these changes to be made from a control panel. This can spare you the work needed to swap out the lighting elements when the crop needs different lighting conditions.

Ensure There Are Enough Lights For The Entire Growing Space

If your crops will benefit from strong and direct light, you will ideally want to position these lights so that they are able to shine directly onto the crop. Depending on the size of your growing area, this may require numerous lights in order to effectively illuminate the growing area. When you are positioning the growing lights, you may want to use a meter to measure the amount of light that is reaching the growing area. This information can allow you to effectively place these lights so that the entire grow area will receive an optimal amount of light.

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