What Can Tow-Behind Turf Aerators Do?

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What Can Tow-Behind Turf Aerators Do?

4 May 2022
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In order to thrive, plants need sunshine, water, and healthy soil. Soil quality depends on several factors, some chemical and some mechanical. You can improve the quality of your soil by aerating it. Manual aeration is possible with a hoe or similar tool, but many people find this labor-intensive job difficult to manage. You can save time and effort by investing in a tow-behind turf aerator for your lawn or small farm. Here are four things that tow-behind turf aerators can do:

1. Save space and eliminate the need for additional equipment.

Tow-behind turf aerators are ideal for home gardeners and small farmers. These aerators are smaller than standalone aerators often used by larger farms. You can tow your turf aerator behind a tractor or a riding lawnmower that you already own.

2. Loosen compacted soil.

Soil can be compacted in many ways. Soil is compacted when humans and animals walk on it, but compaction can also occur due to heavy rains. Plant roots can struggle to penetrate heavily compacted soil. Additionally, water penetration and drainage can suffer. A tow-behind turf aerator will loosen compacted soil quickly and easily. As you tow your turf aerator behind your tractor, its teeth will dig into the earth, turning it and eliminating compaction issues.

3. Oxygenate your soil.

Plants intake carbon dioxide from the air, but they also need oxygen in order to grow. Plants derive their oxygen from the soil by absorbing it through their roots. Compacted soil is poor in oxygen, which can lead to nutrient deficiencies among your plants. A tow-behind turf aerator will allow you to oxygenate your soil mechanically. As your turf is aerated, oxygen will make its way between small pieces of dirt so it can be accessed by plants.

4. Simplify the planting process.

When working with plants, you must work with the seasons. There's a time to harvest plants as well as a time to sow seeds. Typically, people sow their seeds in early spring after the last frost. Sowing seeds in hard, compacted earth can be difficult and requires much digging. You can simplify the planting process and make it more enjoyable by first aerating your soil. Aerated soil is soft to the touch. You'll be able to dig wells for your seeds using only your fingers, which will give you as much control as possible over the final planting depth.

For more information on tow-behind turf aerators, contact a garden equipment supplier near you. 

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