3 Benefits Of Using Plant Netting

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3 Benefits Of Using Plant Netting

17 November 2022
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Your local garden center carries an extensive selection of products that you can use in many ways throughout your garden. One product that you'll often find is plant netting, which is a thin, stretchable net that you can use to cover fruit plants such as raspberry bushes, plum trees, and many others. This product tends to be affordable and is available in several sizes, making it easy to find a size that suits the plant you wish to cover. Here are three benefits of using plant netting on the fruit plants in your garden.

Protection Against Pests

There are all sorts of animals that may wish to eat the fruit off the plants in your garden, resulting in fewer pieces of fruit for your family to enjoy. For example, if you have a couple of raspberry bushes and a number of birds from the area decide they want to eat the berries, it's entirely possible that your family may not have more than a few berries to eat throughout the growing season due to the birds constantly taking the fruit. Covering the plants with plant netting can help to keep these pests at bay, allowing your fruit to ripen until you're ready to pick it and enjoy it.

Containment Of Debris

If you have some fruit plants that grow in close proximity to a swimming pool, you might frequently have to scoop leaves and even pieces of fruit out of the water. For example, a strong gust of wind can blow leaves and fruit off a bush and into the pool, resulting in a mess that requires your attention to clean up. If you're fed up with making this time investment each summer, consider draping the bush in plant netting. It can contain most of this debris on windy days, preventing it from blowing into the water.

No Interference With Growth

Some gardening enthusiasts consider creative means of keeping pests away from their fruit plants, but some of these ideas can interfere with a plant's ability to grow. For example, adding a structure above the plant that impedes birds can also block sunlight and even access to rainwater. A big benefit of using plant netting is that it doesn't interfere with the healthy growth of your plants. Because the netting is thin, the plants will still get plenty of sun and rain to grow healthy and produce lots of fruit for you to enjoy. 

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