getting started with family gardening

Have you ever thought about planing a family garden? Learn how to have a successful season. Click here for more information.

Tips For Installation Of Your Outdoor Landscaping Lighting

30 December 2020
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Outdoor lighting on your home adds a big improvement to your home's appearance as well as extra security. Before you add an exterior lighting system, be sure to research all the various types of lighting and recommendations for great installation. Here are some tips to help you select and install the proper lighting for your outdoor lighting project. Choose the Lighting Styles There are many types and styles of outdoor lighting that you can add to your home's exterior and landscaping. Read More …

Use Brick Pavers To Enhance Your Landscaping

7 April 2020
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Have you decided that you want to add drama to your landscaping this spring? Perhaps this is something you have wanted to do for a long time. Now that you are pretty much isolated at home because of restrictions during COVID-19, you finally have the needed time on your hands to work on a landscape design.  Start By Ordering Pavers - One thing that will add pizzazz to your landscaping is the use of brick pavers in different areas of your front and back yards. Read More …

Looking To Get Shade And Greenery In A Barren Yard? What To Have The Landscapers Add Now

6 February 2020
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If you have moved into a new home and there is only a fence in the backyard, no shield from the sun, and no way to get any privacy, there are some easy ways you can make your yard more open. You don't have to install tall privacy fencing to get the privacy that you want and need. Instead, you can use landscaping and some other options for the space to add not only shade but also some character to the backyard at the same time. Read More …

LED Lights And Your Landscape: The Basics

6 December 2019
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If you've been working to fine-tune your home's landscaping, you may have decided that it's time to shed some light on it. When it comes to landscape lighting, there are a lot of decisions that you need to make, starting with the type of lights you want to use and ending with the placement and power supply for those lights. Here are a few things to consider regarding why you should opt for LED lights for your landscape. Read More …

A Few Ways To Use Landscaping Gravel To Make Your Yard More Attractive

27 September 2019
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If you're looking for ways to add beauty to your yard, then consider starting with landscaping gravel. Gravel can be used for a number of projects, and it adds color and texture, which is a nice break from a solid green lawn. Here are some ideas for using landscaping gravel in your yard. Create Winding Walkways Gravel is an easy material to work with. You won't have to saw large pavers to make a winding walkway. Read More …

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getting started with family gardening

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