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How To Establish Your Second Season Garden

22 August 2016
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Second season gardens, planted in mid to late summer, allow enthusiastic gardeners to refresh their landscaping and make changes to their garden beds. Mid to late summer can be a difficult time for planting because of intense sun, heat, and dryness outside, however, it is possible to establish a garden later in the year, if it's done properly. Plant in Moderate Temperatures Avoid planting in the middle of a heat wave, as this can stress plants. Read More …

Create A Decorative Border That Contains “Glowing” Wood Chips, Flowers, And Shrubs

23 March 2016
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Create a decorative border next to a walkway on your property that contains your favorite types of flowers and shrubs by completing the steps below. Once you have finished, apply luminescent paint to basic wood chips and arrange them around the plants so that your new border will stand out at nighttime. Materials measuring tape wooden stakes garden tiller rake hand shovel flowers and shrubs soil water hose plastic sheeting wood chips (a few bags) luminescent spray paint wheelbarrow large shovel Mark And Clear The Ground Read More …

3 Steps To Prepare Your Upholstered Furniture For Storage

21 March 2016
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If you have to place some of your favorite upholstered furnishings into storage, you may not know how to prepare them to be stored away for an extensive period. If your items are not properly prepared, they can become damaged. Here are a few ways that you can prepare your upholstered furniture for storage: Clean the upholstery. If you don't clean your upholstered furniture before it is placed in storage, dirt or debris that is resting on the furniture can travel deep into the fabric and become almost impossible to remove. Read More …

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