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Pros And Cons Of Organic Fertilizers For Your Garden

10 November 2015
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In order for plants to be healthy and thrive, they must have the proper combination of sunlight, water, and nutrients. These nutrients provide ingredients that help plants grow healthy and full. When it comes to fertilizer, there are plenty of chemical-laden options you can purchase at most retail and home and garden stores. Organic fertilizers can perform the same job without all the unnecessary synthetic additives. Here are some pros as well as cons when choosing organic fertilizer for your garden. Read More …

Backyard Brides | How To Start A Home Business Hosting Weddings

7 October 2015
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If you have a picturesque home and gardens, you might be missing out on a great way to bring in some extra income. How? Renting your property for special events—particularly for weddings. Today's couples are looking for something new and unique to wow their guests and create a truly memorable day for everyone. Your manicured lawn, colorful garden and carefully-decorated hosting space can be the star in those plans.  So, how do you get into renting out your home for weddings? Read More …

Gardening Tips For Those Who Are Living With Impaired Vision

29 September 2015
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If you are struggling with impaired vision, then you undoubtedly find it difficult to go about some of your daily tasks. For example, planting and tending a garden can be difficult if you can't see well. However, there are always different ways of coping with these things. Here are a few tips on how you can have a thriving garden despite your limited vision: Provide Distinct Pathways With poor vision comes an increased risk of tripping over things. Read More …

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